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Mercedes GLC300 2020 Debuts

The upgraded edition in the United States utilizes a 255-horsepower gasoline motor, while there is a Gasoline-electric Hybrid edition in Europe.

In the United States market, Mercedes GLC merely sells the 2-liter gasoline motor edition.
Overall design of Mercedes GLC300 2020 remains quite familiar with the existing generation. The lower bumpers have 3 additional rectangle boxes below them. The standard LED headlight has a small shape and looks more angular. The tail lights are in the same rectangle box shape. The exhaust pipe with chrome coated trapezoid borders, instead of the existing curves.

GLC 2020 is the latest car of Mercedes with MBUX system including technical tools and information and entertainment display located in a wide-spread boundary on the center console. The steering wheel integrated with sound controlling buttons is now upgraded to help controlling and getting entertained on car become easier.
In the United States, customers can select between rear wheel drive and four wheel drive 4Matic GLCs. Both options are attached with 4-cylinder motor and 2-liter turbochargers with a capacity of 255 horsepowers as long as a 9-speed automatic transmission.

In Europe, customers have more variety of choices. In addition to gasoline motor, there is a gasoline-electric hybrid option. The standard editions include 194-horsepower Mercedes GLC 200 4Matic and 255-horsepower GLC 300 4Matic. In addition, in Europe, there are three diesel motor editions, including 164-horsepower  GLC 200d 4Matic, 192-horsepower GLC 220d 4Matic and 241-horsepower GLC300d 4Matic.

The German brand also offers extended option packages with GLC such as upgrading shock absorbers with Dynamic Body Control suspension package to help the vehicle move in a more stable way, Off-road technical package with two more driving modes of Off-road and Off-road +. The driver’s assistance package adds adaptive trip control mode which enables the car to stop, offer proactive driver assistance, assistance to shift the road lane and control adaptive speed on the street.

In the United Kingdom, standard GLC220d 4Matic edition has its price range from 50,000 USD, while the most advanced diesel edition called GLC300d 4Matic Premium costs around
70,000 USD. The car will be sold on the market at the end of the year.