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Naming 9 luxurious, safe SUV in the U.S.

The following European SUV are assessed as among the top safe ones in the United States.

Acura RDX - The car ranks first in the list in terms of safety according to the assessment by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). RDX scored high during different collision tests, with highly appreciated on-car automatic safety braking system.

Acura RDX 2019 is provided with 2-liter turbochargers, gasoline directly injected integrated with continuously variable camshaft phasing technology i-VTEC of Honda. The new generation motor has the maximum capacity of 272 horsepowers and maximized twisted torment of 379 Nm. The car uses a 10-speed automatic transmission with integrated sports gearshift.

Audi Q8 - It is a new 5-seat SUV of the German brand, highly evaluated thanks to its LED headlight system and smart headlight assistance technology which helps the driver to drive in a safer way. In addition, the automatic braking system on Audi Q8 is also complimented. Besides the gasoline motor edition, the new SUV model also offers a combined edition of electric motor MHEV which is able to renew the energy when pushing the brakes.

BMW X2 - Its is a compacted sports crossover model which is considered as safe thanks to the driver’s assistance technology package and advanced utility package which enables additional selection on car.

BMW X3 - Being the brother of the crossover X2, BMW X3 also lies in the list of U.S. safe cars. It is highly praised thanks to the smart headlight system, automatic braking and five-star safety testing results rated by the NHTSA.

BMW X5 - the big-sized SUV is re-designed with big-sized heat dissipation grille. X5 remains both safe and sporty. It reaches high scores during safety testing exams while the LED headlights and front collision mitigation system are highly appreciated.

Mercedes GLC - There are numerous different editions available in the compact SUV model, including the high-performance AMG or the sporty Coupe one. IIHS is highly praised thanks to its high scores during collision exams, well-operating proactive braking system and smart LED headlights, which are among the upgrades that help the car become safer.

Mercedes GLE - The medium-sized SUV was previously called as M-Class. The optional upgrading package of the automatic braking system and smart headlights help the car jump into the list of the U.S. safe SUVs.

Volvo XC40 - Making its first appearance early this year, XC40 was immediately put in the list of the safest cars thanks to the smart headlight system. On the other hand, it scores high during collision tests, together with highly appreciated automatic braking system.

Volvo XC60 - the brother of XC40 has secured its position in the list of safe cars thanks to scoring high in collision tests while its standard automatic braking system gets extremely good evaluation.