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Electric Mercedes EQC ‘debuts,’ costing nearly 80,000 USD

The first Mercedes EQC SUV made its first launch in Germany, with a price of around 79,750 USD, some 10,000 USD lower than its competitor of Audi e-Tron.

The electric Mercedes EQC 2021 vehicle is expected to make its first appearance in the United States next year, but the first ones started to run on German roads already.

The brand has not published the exact traveling distance for each full charge of EQC tank, however, for the edition sold in the European market, the distance will be 450 km for each full charge.

The car uses types of modules, one being 48 battery cells, and the remaining four modules containing 72 battery cells, making up a total of 384 battery cells, with 80 kWh capacity. Compared to its competitors, Audi e-Tron has a capacity of 90 kWh, BMW iX3 with battery capacity of over 70 kWh.

The electric Mercedes car uses 2 electric motors. The first one is located at the front end, which will be used when the car is running under light load, or already on stable traveling momentus. The rear end is used to increase the car operational capacity. The total capacity generated by 2 motors is 402 horsepowers and twisted torment of 764Nm.

Picture shows interior space of electric Mercedes EQC 2021.
The new Mercedes crossover owns its unique design style, which has the same dimension as the GLC class. EQC 400 is equipped with the MBUX information-entertainment system and some technologies of the EQ alone. The German brand provides EQC with full of modern safety functions such as proactive braking assistance, driver assistance during high traffic congestion.

The price in Germany stays around 79,750 USD.