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Mercedes EQC 400, GLC runs on electricity

Mercedes' new crossover model features two electric motors, with a capacity of 402 horsepowers, to be sold in the U.S. from 2020.

At a private event in Stockholm, Mercedes introduced the EQC 400 electric car, the first product in the EQ brand. The German automaker established its own EQ brand to develop products that use electrical energy.

Mercedes' new crossover has its own design style, but its size is similar to the GLC series. EQC 400 electric cars carry a big difference from the traditional internal combustion engine products, especially the grille style.

EQC 400 is the first electric car by Mercedes.
Mercedes representative said EQC 400 can run continuously on a distance of about 320 km for a single charge. However, this parameter may vary by market.

Lithium-ion battery pack is designed according to the module. Among them, two modules contain 48 batteries and the remaining four modules contain 72 batteries, giving a total of 384 batteries, with a capacity of 80 kWh. Compared to its competitors, the EQC 400's battery is in the middle, like Audi e-Tron with 95 kWh of battery capacity,  Jaguar i-Pace with 90 kWh battery capacity, BMW iX3 with more than 70 kWh of battery capacity.

Mercedes EQC 400 is equipped with rear LED lights, in a seamless connection.
EQC 400 is equipped with MBUX information-entertainment system and a number of own EQ brand technologies. The optimal navigation system helps reduce power consumption. Mercedes' crossover incorporates an advanced voice control system, which can be activated with the "Hey Mercedes" command when a voice response from the car is in a natural style. Reaction ability is Apple's Siri smart voice control system. For example, when the driver says I'm cold, the car will automatically raise the air conditioner temperature.

EQC 400 interior space is of high technology meaning
Mercedes electric cars use 2 electric motors. A motor is placed in the front, which will be used when the vehicle is running at low load, or when there is a steady movement momentum. The rear-mounted engine works to increase the vehicle's ability to operate. The total output of two engines is 402 horsepowers and 764 Nm of torque.

The German carmaker equips EQC with all modern safety features such as proactive brake assistance, driver’s assistance in high traffic conditions. Currently, Mercedes has not announced the price. Time to sell the car is in 2020.