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Mercedes-Benz G-Class 'Super SUV' with over 1 million personalized options

As a symbol of off-road "super SUV" series, the G-Class is now becoming more special thanks to the "G manufaktur" personalization program.

G manufaktur program allows customers to customize and personalize G-Class with over 1 million options. Such hug figures include all standard and exclusive details (which are for one single customer)

Customers who want to customize G-Class will use G manufaktur's online toolkit. Painting colors alone have 23 options with prices ranging from 2,500 USD to 6,000 USD.

Customers can add Noble Black exterior packages to make the G-Class different. In addition, the four-wheel mudguard can be painted in the same color as the body.

Similarly, the interior also has a lot of customization with over 64 different combinations of materials and colors. For example, a black-red leather covered steering wheel with blue-black leather seats.

Mercedes-Benz can perform any color combination as long as the customer pays more. Even two-tone control panels are also available.

The G manufaktur options are exclusively for the G-Class, including the most advanced AMG G63 SUV.

Corresponding to each option is the manufacturer's cost. The G manufaktur program will provide customers with all the necessary personalization tools.