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Mercedes-Maybach GLS - Luxurious SUV costs only 200,000 USD

The new SUV is produced at Mercedes' factory in Alabama, USA, targeting its rival Bentley Bentayga.

The first Maybach version of the GLS series is expected to be released later this year, with the famous double M logo on the bonnet. The appearance of Mercedes-Maybach GLS also occupies the top position on the ranking "The most expensive newly produced car in the U.S." by Acura NSX. The two-door sports model of the Japanese brand is now priced at 158,000 USD.

Mercedes-Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury (on the photo) can be the concept version of Maybach GLS.

The German brand new SUV will be shipped from a factory in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where Mercedes is producing products including C-class sedan, GLE, GLE coupe and GLS. The price of the Maybach GLS is about 42,000 USD higher than that of the NSX.
Detailed information about GLS is currently kept confidential. According to Automotive News, the vehicles can be equipped with V8 engines with a capacity of over 560 horsepowers. Exterior design may be influenced by the Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury concept that was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2018.

The big difference between Maybach GLS and other car models is the back seat row. In the image, it shows the back seat row of the Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury concept.
The interior has a big difference between the Maybach version and other Mercedes models, with the long passenger seat type. It is unclear whether the wheelbase of the Maybach version is longer than the standard GLS version.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS is expected to debut in China, the main market where about 67% of Maybach S-class sales were delivered to customers in 2018. The launch event is said to be at the Shanghai Auto Show 2019, which shall take place from April 16 to 25,  and the car will be sold in 2020. Rivals of Mercedes-Maybach GLS will be the super SUV Bentley Bentayga or other luxury SUVs such as BMW X7 or Range Rover SVAutobiography.