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Mercedes S-Class uniquely customized in Germany

The luxury sedan of Mercedes S-Class is customized by Hofele in a modern, unique way in its exterior.

Mercedes created the S-Class Maybach with many features and equipment superior to the standard version. However, the S-Class Maybach is usually not unique.

Mercedes S-Class is customized by Holefe.
Car customization company Hofele, based in Germany, created the unique S-Class, equipped with many unique features. In addition, this model also has a number of identification points that can be confused with the genuine S-Class Maybach.

The head of the car possesses a stylish steering wheel like a Maybach S-Class. Meanwhile, the front bumper is modified, creating accents with bright chrome details. The car has a black paint color combined with brown gold. The customization company replaced the familiar three-pointed star logo with its own logo. On the side of the car, the Maybach logo is replaced with a symbol that looks quite similar.

The car interior is covered with 2-color tone leather.

The interior of the Ultimate S model, named by Holefe, is primarily designed with 2 leather colors. The customization company logo is placed on the headrest. In some locations in the cabin, the German customization company arranges multicolored lights, and sunroof. The car has some features such as seat position memory and massage system as well as high-end sound system. The dashboard is equipped with two large-sized display screens.

Meanwhile, engine specifications are not announced by the German customization company. In fact, the S-Class versions all have powerful machines, especially in the AMG version.