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Worthy features on Mercedes-Benz GLE 2020

Mercedes-Benz's medium-sized SUV is equipped with many modern features that deserve the driving experience and high price, assessed by Motortrend.

GLE 2020 is completely new designed by Mercedes. Developed on a new platform, the German automaker's fourth-generation SUV uses new engines, light hybrid technology, and improved suspension system for a better driving experience.

Of course, interior equipment also deserve an advanced driving experience, such as very comfortable seats, high-quality materials, and large-sized control screens. With a selling price of up to 95,000 USD, GLE 2020 is not only that.

Easy to adjust the seat. Luxury cars often allow saving multiple seat settings for each person. With the GLE 2020, Mercedes simplifies setup, giving the driver the most comfortable experience. On the infotainment screen, the driver just needs to enter his or her height, everything else is adjusted by the seat and the steering wheel itself.

Kinematics seat. GLE series have many message settings for drivers and passengers, such as "wavy message", "mobile massage" or "traditional massage". On GLE 2020, Mercedes adds a new feature called "kinematics seat", which makes small movements on the seat face and backrest that help the occupants feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the journey.

Environmental lights. Like many other Mercedes cars, GLE 2020 is equipped with environmental lights. When the outside is dark, the cabin will turn on automatically like a nightclub with 64 optional colors. Light can come from every corner of the interior, from the dashboard to the door, even the legroom.

The light can change alternately by theme, such as "Ocean Blue" or "Moonlight Red". The light intensity can be adjusted based on the driver's setting. When reducing the cabin temperature, the front and second row lights turn green themselves, and turn red if the temperature rises.

Unlimited controls. The voice control operation on GLE 2020 becomes easier than ever. The control interface is upgraded, integrated with the ability to understand natural language. Just say "Hey, Mercedes" to activate voice command mode.

Available gesture Control. The driver just needs to point to the rearview mirror to turn on the map light, or he can set the favorite feature attached to the gestures of two fingers.

Navigation with augmented reality. The sharp large screen is a valuable addition to GLE 2020's advanced navigation system. Images directly from the front camera will be displayed on the central screen with road names, navigation arrows and information support, which helps the driver come to the destination easily.

Tray for cup heating and cooling. This feature is quite rare on luxury cars. The owner needs to spend an additional 180 USD for Mercedes to add a tray to keep heating and cooling the cup.

Finding a restaurant. If you need to find a place for dining or enjoying coffee, GLE 2020 can easily help with this through the Yelp support information service. When selecting a restaurant, the map will guide itself.