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10 worthy features on Mercedes-Benz GLE 2020

The "bounce" mode on GLE 2020 allows vehicles to easily overcome difficult terrain such as sand, snow, etc.

Bounce Mode: This fun mode is equipped when the owner buys an E-Active Air Suspension Package worth 8,100 USD. Basically, this mode will help the car bounce and drop thanks to the air suspension system, Mercedes-Benz equips this system on GLE 2020 with the aim of making it easy to get rid of the terrain such as sand or snow, or sometimes it is used as an entertainment.

E-Active Air Suspension: The "bounce" mode is not the only ability that the Mercedes-Benz GLC 2020 suspension system can do. The system also has the ability to lift or lower each individual wheel via the touchscreen on the vehicle, helping the owner to be confident when the car passes rough roads. When running on the road, the camera and sensors in the vehicle head continually scan to detect obstacles such as speed bumps or potholes and notify to this suspension to start to work.

"Hey Mercedes": This feature is similar to "Hey Siri" on iOS or "Ok Google" operating systems of Android. This is a feature available in the MBUX system (Mercedes Benz User Experience) to help people in the car quickly access the difficult to find functions in the car.

Augmented reality map: Instead of just displaying digital maps, GLE uses the car front  camera to guide the navigation based on real images. Even the most bad at road drivers will not miss the navigation reminders and turn the wrong way.

Change screen theme: MBUX allows the driver to customize the display according to personal preferences. This is one of the customizations that make it fun for the driver instead of having to use a boring screen that can't be changed.

Temporarily stopping the engine: Some people do not like the presence of this system in their vehicles because it gives off a discomfort whenever the car is restarted. However on Mercedes-Benz GLC 2020 this system is equipped with 48V electric motor to help the restarting of the engine becomes more smooth.

Interior lighting: This feature is really nothing new because other cars like Ford Fiesta or Chevrolet Camaro are also equipped. A special feature on the GLC 2020 is the effect of color changing according to the inside temperature of the car; the driver can also choose many colors that Mercedes has already installed in the car.

Massage chair system: This is a feature commonly found on luxury cars, for which customers need to spend an additional 1,500 USD to own. GLE offers many different massage modes, including Activating Massage mode to help the driver not get tired during long journeys.

Burmester speaker system: This is an option sold by Mercedes with GLE 2020, customers can choose Premium package worth 1,850 USD to own 13-speaker surrounding sound system of 590 W capacity. If you feel like that is not enough, spend 5,400 USD to turn the car into a mobile theater with 25-speaker high-end 3D surround sound system with a capacity of 1,590 W.

The electrically folded middle seat row: No need to lift or lower the second row of seats by hand, just press the button the seats will automatically fold down and slide forward to allow easy access to the third row. The second row of seats is also equipped with electrically controlled shade curtains.