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Experiencing offroad ability of luxury Mercedes GLS 2020 SUV

Mercedes-Benz GLS 2020 is not easily stuck in sand or mud because it is equipped with active body control technology E-Active Body Control.

Motortrend car website rated its off-road ability at a high level. The tested drive car in Las Vegas is the GLS 580 version with V8 engine. E-Active Body Control feature (EABC) gave good results.

EABC is an optional suspension system that uses a combination of pneumatic springs and electro-hydraulic dampers with the help of a 48 volt electric system. Each damper has its own hydraulic pump as each wheel is pushed and pulled independently by oil pressure.

Thanks to that, the people in the car experience smooth driving experience. Whether moving on the road or sand, EABC absorbs all the impulse before passing it to the cabin.

Motortrend test-drove the new GLS at the famous sand dune Big Dune in Nevada (USA). Initially it started with the version equipped with standard air suspension, 21-inch wheels and then transferred to GLS version equipped with EABC and 22-inch wheels.

With EABC, the car body is fully controlled, tire pressure is lowered to 17 PSI per wheel to increase traction on the sand. The remaining parameters remain unchanged.

When activating EABC, GLS 2020 cabin becomes surprisingly smooth, with comfortable seats and spacious cockpit, it deserves the title of the SUV version of the S-Class, according to Motortrend's evaluation.

The standard air suspension system of GLS 2020 is very good, but if you have experienced EABC, you will not want to ignore this outstanding feature.

It is more impressive when EABC uses a front camera and it can scan the road surface ahead and then adjust the damping level suitable for each wheel.

It is unclear how much the separate cost for EABC feature is, but it is definitely not cheap.

The GLS 2020 is a new SUV series designed to be safer, more spacious and more functional than the current generation. It uses 9-speed automatic transmission and FWD or RWD standard drive system.

In case of being stuck in the sand, EABC will help the GLS 2020 escape in seconds. When the car backs up, the Free Driving Assist mode will be activated and the pneumatic spring suspension is ready for the escape.

Motortrend tried to let the GLS 2020 sink in the sand for many times and each time, it manages to get out in less than 10 seconds. Of course, EABC also works well on many other surfaces such as snow and mud.