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Mercedes GLE upgrades airbag, seatbelt, anti-drowsiness lamp

Experimental model is developed from Mercedes GLE, incorporating a series of new safety technologies of the German carmaker.

The new model focuses on safety technologies in automatic mode. The steering wheel, accelerator pedal and brake will automatically retract to minimize the risk of injury if a collision occurs.

The seat belt is attached directly to the seat. The airbag for driver is a newly developed type. In addition, there are two side airbags for those sitting on.

The new Mercedes GLE integrates the function of interior lights into the sun visor to prevent drowsiness and helps the driver be more alert.

The safety features of the Pre-Safe Curve integrated into the belt will warn the driver if the cornering speed is high. Then, the belt automatically tightens, of course still at a comfortable level to ensure safety.

Safety features for young children are also focused. The new Pre-Safe Child function will automatically tighten the belt, while creating a protective layer around the child before a collision occurs, helping minimize the impact. This system can monitor the safety status of the seat as well as the child's vital signs.

The car body is enhanced with many new safety features. The grille, hood and rear window are covered with digital veins. When parked, the vehicle will show safety instructions on these surfaces for surrounding pedestrians or vehicles.

Mercedes has applied a new technology named Digital Light. The lamp has high resolution with over two million pixels.

In addition, the car also has a small robot in the form of a dangerous warning sign board. This robot will get out of the car when a collision occurs or the vehicle needs repair on the roadside. When not in use, the signboard robot will collapse into the back of the car.

Many of these safety technologies are being developed by Mercedes, while the rest take several years to appear.