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Rare over-20-year-old Mercedes E60 AMG 500E costs nearly 170,000 USD

Rare sedan Mercedes E60 AMG 500E was produced since 1995. It is equipped with 6.0-Liter V8 engine, capacity of 376 horsepowers. Because of the rarity, the price of used cars is also very high, reaching nearly 170,000 USD.

Mercedes-Benz 500E is considered to be the most iconic high-end model of W124 series. The performance version independently created by AMG was even more advanced with the equipped V8 engines. The car, called E60 AMG, is the last model of this mid-range luxury sedan.

In fact, Mercedes E60 AMG built by Porsche was the "Holy Grail" of the W124 generation. The production figure of this AMG model remains a mystery, but many sources believe that there were 100-150 units built worldwide.

The rarity and mystery surrounding this sedan make it very expensive. A Mercedes E60 AMG 500E nowon sale in the Netherlands costs up to 149,500 euros, which is equivalent to 168,000 USD.

The exterior of the red car stands out while the interior is also covered by red/black leather and many maple wood decorative details. It is hard to believe that the 24-year-old Mercedes-Benz W124 has such a high price, of course it is not the common W124.

The car is equipped with a 6.0-Liter V8 engine that draws natural gas, for a capacity of 376 horsepowers. While the common 500E version only uses 5.0-Liter engine with a capacity of 322 horsepowers.

Besides the more powerful engine, the Mercedes E60 AMG 500E also has an AMG technology package, including a more rigid AMG-standard suspension, 17-inch AMG wheels, AMG Aero package and AMG exhaust pipe system.

This special car comes with features like air conditioning, trip control, electrically controlled sunroof, Bose audio system, electrically adjustable front sports seats, with seat memory function and heating.

Heated rear seats, windows and electrically controlled rearview mirrors, mirror heating function. The car has 2 driving modes of Sports and Economy, 4-speed automatic transmission.

E60 AMG is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 5.4 seconds and can reach the maximum electronic speed limit of 250 km/h. The red Mercedes E60 AMG 500E is for sale with odometer of 71,014 km.